5 Dimensional IDG Pathway to Collabualism

5 Dimensional IDG Pathway to Collabualism

Apr 08, 2024

I am fortunate in my participation with the Alef Trust's Nurturing the Seeds of Change programme to have been introduced today to the open-source Inner Development Goals (IDG) Framework.

In this first post I introduce IDG and the IDG Framework, it's 5 dimensions, and how I see it relating to Collabualism and Collabolization. In subsequent linked posts I will delve into each of the 5 dimensions of IDG, discussing the related 23 skills and how this framework tool can help guide us in our journey as an individual collaborator.

Rooted in interdisciplinary research, the IDG Framework consists of 5 dimensions with 23 skills of human inner growth and development. The 5 dimensions are: Being, Thinking, Relating, Collaborating, and Acting.

My first observations, entirely congruent with my intent behind Collabualism.Today, are that this framework recognises Being as the starting point and Acting as the final stage.

Only once we have mastered Being, leading us into 'right' Thinking, allowing us to participate in effective Relating, that creates an opportunity for purposeful Collaborating can and should we begin to instigate transformational Acts of change. In Collabualism, as in the IDG Framework, the Acting phase must come last in order that we cease repeating the same mistakes as we have throughout the cycles of past civilizations.

Some may argue that, due to our autonomic nervous system and its related physiological responses of fight, flight, or freeze, that it is natural for us to instigate change through Acting first (what I commonly refer to as the Doing of life.) In Collabualism.Today and my individual coaching perspective, I strongly recognise the expansion and development of our mental, logical, and analytical capabilities (our brain power) and its ability to reposition unhelpful autonomic responses as a subservient toolset that we can more effectively use in expanding our consciousness and the intelligent design of the Collabolization.

I hope you will join me on this journey as I explore the potentials of the IDG Inner Development Goals Framework. The result may just be a clear, workable pathway to implementing Collabualism for each one of us, enabling us to build Individual agency towards a Collective Collaboration of existence.

Dave H - The Life Ninja