Life: The 7 Vibrational Dimensions of Consciousness

Life: The 7 Vibrational Dimensions of Consciousness

Sep 06, 2023

Collabualism, as we shall see below, is a 5th Dimensional Locale - one that is very much achievable to us lowly 3D+ beings. There is much that we can do now, today, this minute, to raise our vibrational consciousness into the 4th and 5th dimensions.

These dimensions are different locations or levels of consciousness that beings can exist in. We’ll delve into each dimension from the initial one also known as Zero D, and finish up with a brief exploration of 6D, the seventh dimension, which is yet to be fully understood. So hang on to your towel Arthur Dent, down your pint and get ready for a wild ride!

Here's the video I posted over at NewLife.Ninja discussing these dimensions:

0D: The Singularity

The journey starts with the great Consciousness, the source of all and everything. In the initial dimension, known as Zero D, the great Consciousness exists as a non-dual entity and it has an awareness of itself, which is all that is. However, even in 0D we have entropy acting on the singularity, and the need for development, for evolution drives the great Consciousness to create the first location or dimension, known as 1D, in order to prevent it from dissipating back into chaos.

1D: The Birth of Thought Beings

In 1D, thought beings come into existence as the great Consciousness now has the capacity for thought – albeit incredibly basic thought at this initial stage. Each time the great Consciousness, sitting happily in 0D, has a new thought, that thought pops into existence within the 1D.

This dimension also births the Duality of consciousness. This is where a this-and-that first happens, where the great Consciousness is first aware of an ‘other’, where differentiation first appears due to the separateness of thought beings from the great Consciousness’ pure awareness of all that is.

In order for different thoughts to exist as separate entities, as separate thought processes, this 1D dimension introduces the concept of time, allowing for the differentiation of thought beings. So this is where Time is first created, but not the concept of time as used in our scientific 3D world where we talk about going forward and backwards in time. The ‘time’ that exists in 1D is the time (or gap) between individual thought beings. Without this time gap, there could only ever exist a single thought being.

1D Plus: The Introduction of Death and Akashic Records

As thought beings continue to multiply in 1D, the great Consciousness realizes the need for a new attribute. This leads to the creation of 1D Plus, an altered location with additional attributes. In 1D Plus, death is introduced as the dissolution of energy, allowing for the reuse of energy in new thoughts. To preserve the knowledge and wisdom created by thought beings, the great Consciousness also introduces the concept of the akashic records, which store unique thoughts.

2D: The Emergence of Movement and Locational Awareness

With the growing number of thought beings in 1D Plus, the great Consciousness decides to create a new dimension: 2D. In this dimension, beings exist in a 2D environment, similar to a graph with X and Y coordinates. The introduction of a brain and memory allows these beings to not only move but also process and store their movements. Additionally, the sense of hearing, or echolocation, is introduced, providing obstacle awareness.

2D Plus: The Birth of Sight, Light, and Shadow

To enhance the 2D experience, the great Consciousness creates 2D Plus. In this dimension, the sense of sight is introduced, enabling beings to determine their surroundings. However, sight requires the presence of light, which is also created in 2D Plus. The introduction of light inadvertently creates the effect of shadows, allowing beings to perceive size, distance, and the concept of objects blocking light. This led to the development of the first society in 2D Plus, where beings differentiate objects based on their shadows.

The first representation of 2D came from Edwin A. Abbot in his book Flatland – A Romance in Many Dimensions. I suggest the Carl Sagan YouTube version as a quick introduction:

3D: The Introduction of Gravity, Land, and Biological Bodies

As thought beings continue to explore and experiment in 2D Plus, the great Consciousness realizes the need for a new dimension: 3D. In this dimension, the concept of up and down is introduced, along with the X, Y, and Z coordinates. To prevent chaotic movement, gravity and weight are introduced, forcing beings to land on a surface or planetary system. Additionally, the complexity of 3D requires an increase in memory and mental capacities, allowing beings to cope with the intricacies of this new dimension.

3D Plus: Self Awareness

Now our 3D beings are gaining a sense of self-awareness in addition to other-awareness, and the ability for intelligence is created. Not just the computational power of the brain that arrived in 3D. Intelligence is the beginning of a partial connection back to the great Creator of 1D, and sporadic access to the Akashic Records. Intelligence allows our 3D+ beings to process and use that Akashic data (intuition) in inventive ways.

Entropy is rehashed here as 3D beings are self-energising. They hunt and gather biological energy and consume it to reduce the natural process of entropy and extend their biological bodies. These beings no longer need constant input from the great Creator and are primarily left to fend for themselves. Only when a 3D entity finds something new and useful to the great Consciousness does it get a direct energy boost, a lowering of entropy, and a higher vibrational state.

4D: Access to the Akashic Records and Astral Realms

In 4D, beings gain true access to the Akashic records, the total sum of all knowledge. This is achieved through out-of-body explorations, astral projection, and mind translocation. Beings in 4D can directly connect with the Akashic records, reliving experiences and gaining wisdom. This leads to the development of higher consciousness and the ability to meet other beings in the astral realms. Communication in these realms is achieved through telepathy, as speech and sound are no longer viable.

4D Plus: The Great Divide

In 4D+, the various 4D beings have made a choice. Some have decided to continue their explorations into the astral realms and beyond, while others have decided to stay in the biological realm of the physical world. Those who stay in physical reality become the carers for sustaining the biological state of those beings off exploring the astral realms.

To learn more about this great divide, this choice between the astral or the physical, I highly recommend the book by Dr. Jeffrey A. Martin called The Finders. He describes this great divide as being The Path of Freedom and The Path of Humanity.

5D: Globalization and Collabualism

In 5D, individuality takes a backseat to global consciousness. Beings in this dimension prioritize collaboration and altruistic actions. The concept of globalization emerges, where individuality is retained, but a global focus is prioritized. This shift in consciousness allows for the reduction of entropy and vibrational progress.

Levitating into the fifth dimension signifies the transition from self-focus to global focus. In 5D, beings prioritize collaboration and altruism, working towards the betterment of humanity. This dimension marks a significant shift in consciousness and sets the stage for further exploration and development. As we continue to expand our understanding of vibrational consciousness, we move closer to unlocking the mysteries of the higher dimensions.

I describe this individual collaborative state as Collabualism, and the 5D location as the Collabualization. More details are available over at Collabualism.Today

At this stage, beings in 5D get the ability to contemplate and design their own vibrational phase shift, to pave the way for the next dimension designed and created entirely by the 5D beings – no need for the great Consciousness to lend a hand any longer.

6D and Beyond

The 7th level of consciousness development is an unexplainable location. We have no concept of what this 7th dimension will contain because it will be entirely designed and created by the 5D beings. The 5D’ers have total self-agency and the progress of humanity will be determined by their whims and wishes for exciting, enhancing exploration.