Morte de la Révolution!

Morte de la Révolution!

Sep 06, 2023

The Power Within: A Path to Collaborization

In his book The Power Within, author Tav Sparks explores the concept of an inner healer that resides within each of us. This inner healer has the ability to guide us towards clearing blockages, limiting belief systems, and the detritus of life that accumulate around us. By tapping into this inner power, we can achieve true wellness. Sparks also delves into the idea of overthrowing existing political systems and society, highlighting the addictive nature of strategies that may ultimately threaten life on Earth.

The Addiction to Existing Strategies

Sparks suggests that governments and societies have become addicted to perpetuating strategies that may have detrimental effects on the planet. Many respected scientists, teachers, and philosophers share this concern. Instead of exploring alternative solutions, we often find ourselves narrowing down our focus on existing strategies. This addiction to the familiar prevents us from considering alternative pathways that could address pressing issues like the climate crisis.

The Double Bind and Radical Destabilization

Sparks points out the double bind that arises when facing painful truths. Contemplating alternate ways forward or thinking outside the box could potentially lead to a radical destabilization of the prevailing addictive strategies within global systems. This is a phenomenon that we are witnessing in alternative cultures today. The existing system is on the verge of transformation, and theories such as Ascension in The Fifth Dimension offer possibilities for breaking free from our current addiction.

Collaborization: A New Approach

In this context, the concept of Collabolization gains significance. Collaboration, as defined by Sparks, is the process of collaborating to create a new civilization. It is about recognizing and harnessing the power within ourselves, which Sparks refers to as the "inner life ninja." By focusing on this individual power and understanding its existence, we can bring about change within ourselves. Through this process, we have the potential to create a new civilization, a new Collabolization, without destabilizing and destructing the existing system.

The Hope of Collabolization

Collabolization offers hope for a better future. By changing ourselves one person at a time, we can gradually shift the focus from the detrimental existing system to a collaborative approach. This shift can occur naturally, without the need for radical destabilization. As individuals recognize and tap into their latent inner power, the driving force behind Collabolization becomes stronger. The existing system loses its grip, and a new era of collaboration emerges.

The Power Within by Tav Sparks presents a thought-provoking perspective on the need for Collabualism. It highlights the addiction to existing strategies and the potential for radical destabilization if we fail to explore alternative pathways.

By focusing on our individual power and recognizing the existence of an inner healer, we can work towards Collabolization and creating a new civilization.

Collabolization offers hope for a better future, where the existing system gives way to a collaborative approach that benefits all. It's time to embrace this perspective and work towards the creation of a new humanity.

Note: This blog post is inspired by the ideas and concepts presented in the book "The Power Within" by Tav Sparks.

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