The Dance of Homeostasis: How It Influences Our Drive for a Better Society

The Dance of Homeostasis: How It Influences Our Drive for a Better Society

Sep 06, 2023

In the intricate web of human motivation, homeostasis plays a pivotal role, subtly influencing our eagerness to contribute to a more attuned society that values our planet and encourages higher consciousness living. It's a complex interplay that can either propel us forward or hold us back.

Homeostasis is our biggest challenge in creating a better society, a new Collabolization. To gain a clear understanding of the difficulty we face I highly recommend watching the TROM video #35 - The Dilemma by clicking the image below:

To expound on both the positive and negative effects of homeostasis, I asked ChatGPT to write about this topic. The ChatGPT content is in italics with my commentary in plain text.

Positive Effects of Homeostasis

Comfort and Routine

Homeostasis has a knack for craving stability and equilibrium, which often translates into comfort and routine for us. When we feel comfortable in our daily lives and routines, we're more likely to have the mental and emotional bandwidth to engage in activities that promote positive change. It becomes the solid foundation upon which personal growth and societal betterment can thrive.

Routine is an important aspect for creating space in our lives to focus on the inner work that will be required to bring about global change. By making our daily chores into mindless routines we can open mental space for new learning and development.

Reduced Stress

A harmonious homeostatic state reduces stress and anxiety, paving the way for individuals to focus on long-term goals and societal development. Lower stress levels enable us to make better decisions, boost creativity, and envision a society that harmonizes with our planet and our consciousness.

Stress and anxiety over the state of our society and ecosystem is rife today, driven by the incessant push of capitalism to create profit. Greater numbers of individuals are losing themselves in 'relaxing' homeostasis to hide from the flood of demands. Unfortunately, addressing this with homeostasis merely pushes our stress into becoming physical ailments and diseases.

Sustainable Activism

Homeostasis encourages sustainable behaviour through moderation and balance. This mindset fosters sustainable activism, where individuals consistently contribute to a better world without risking burnout. A well-maintained homeostatic state can be a driving force behind long-term commitment to societal and environmental causes.

This is an important aspect of Collabualism. We can contribute towards a higher vibrational Collabolization through moderation and balance without resorting to anarchy, activism and political upheaval. Collabualism is internal activism.

Negative Effects of Homeostasis

Resistance to Change

Perhaps the most prominent negative effect of homeostasis is its tendency to resist change. When we become comfortable with the status quo, our motivation to actively participate in efforts to improve society diminishes. The inertia of homeostasis can be a formidable obstacle to taking the necessary steps toward positive change.

Oh how the advertisers and marketers know this, and they know that we have to be constantly bombarded with their influencing messages in order to make us believe and act on their promotion. The more they can make us do less, the more we will avoid doing anything progressive and positive (other than what they tell us to do).


A well-balanced homeostatic state can breed complacency, making individuals believe that everything is fine as it is. This complacency can stifle motivation for societal development, as people may perceive no urgency in addressing critical issues like planetary compassion or social inequality.

Why change everything, right? As long as NetFlix and Sky prices are reasonable and I can get good WiFi access, all the world is great!

Even for the more awakened individuals, it seems impossible to change the world for the better when there are just so many problems (told to us by the mass media news conglomerates) happening. The great news is that we can change the world, we can create the new Collabolization - simply by changing ourselves.

Short-Term Gratification

Homeostasis often guides us toward seeking short-term gratification and comfort. This can eclipse our motivation to invest time and effort in long-term projects aimed at improving society. Immediate rewards sometimes take precedence over the pursuit of higher consciousness living and the well-being of our planet.

Another great benefit of Collabualism is that it doesn't tell us "we must do this, we must do that". This removes our natural objection to being told what to do. In Collabualism we tell our self what to do by listening to our inner guide, our higher conscious wisdom, and we take that small tentative step forward. Every single step is a step towards the Collabolization - "Inch by Inch, it's a Cinch!"

Balancing Homeostasis for Positive Change

To harness the positive effects of homeostasis while mitigating its negative consequences, we need a mindful and proactive approach:


  • Start by recognizing the role of homeostasis in your life and how it influences your motivation. Self-awareness is the first step towards achieving a balance that supports positive change.

Incremental Progress

  • Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable steps. This approach aligns with homeostasis by promoting incremental change while avoiding overwhelming resistance to significant shifts.

Education and Inspiration

  • Engage in continuous learning and seek inspiration from others who are actively working towards societal and environmental betterment. Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals can motivate you to push past homeostatic inertia.

Mindful Discomfort

  • Challenge your comfort zone and be open to discomfort as a catalyst for personal growth and societal improvement. Embrace change as an opportunity rather than a threat to homeostasis.

In the intricate dance of motivation, homeostasis is both partner and obstacle, influencing our drive to build a more harmonious, conscious, and planet-friendly society. By maintaining self-awareness, setting realistic goals, and embracing discomfort as a catalyst for growth, we can harness homeostasis as a driving force on our journey toward a better world. It's a delicate balance, but one that can lead us towards a brighter future for ourselves, our planet, and generations to come.

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