Youmanity: The Power of Words and the Path to Collabualism

Youmanity: The Power of Words and the Path to Collabualism

Sep 13, 2023

You may have concluded that I love words and their flexibility. I have manifested a new word for us to explore in today's article, Youmanity. By exploring the power of words and the manifestation of ideas, we can understand how Youmanity plays a crucial role in shaping our collective future.

The concept of Youmanity, is a powerful combination of the words "You" and "Humanity." Youmanity represents the belief in the power of personal development and self-improvement as a fundamental principle underlying the Collabualism movement. Through the principle of Youmanity, I encourage you to invest in yourself, changing your thinking, skills, and awareness to align with the vision of a collaborative world.

By investing in ourselves, we can align with the principles of Collabualism and create a better world. The idea of spending money on personal development instead of materialistic possessions creates generational progress that contributes to the transformation of our thinking, skill sets, and awareness. Changes in our core principles is at the heart of the new Collabolization.

The Power of Words

Words are not mere symbols; they hold immense power. They are the vehicles through which ideas transition from our higher consciousness into the physical realm - they are true manifestations of our inner power. The inventiveness and flexibility of words has the power to shape our thoughts, actions, and ultimately, the world we live in. It is through words that concepts like Collabualism, globalization, and humanity come to life, influencing our collective consciousness.

The Principle of Youmanity: Investing in Personal Development

So we have a new, powerful word: Youmanity. Youmanity encompasses the idea of spending money on personal development, training, courses, and materials instead of material possessions. I am passionate about my belief in the transformative power of investing in oneself. Although there may not be immediate tangible material gains from such investments, I will emphasizes the incredible gains in terms of personal growth and the ability to change humanity.

Youmanity, therefore, is the process of spending our money on ourselves to transform our thinking, skill sets, and awareness. It involves becoming the type of person who would thrive in the new civilization envisioned by Collabualism.

Individuality quote from Henry Ford

Creating a New Civilization

To bring about a new civilization, we must recognize the limitations of our current mentality. The saying, "If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got," holds true.

To create a new system, we must first change ourselves. This is the essence of Youmanity and the core principle of Collabualism. By altering our thinking, skill sets, and awareness, we align ourselves with the principles of the new civilization. Youmanity serves as the process through which we elevate our vibrational frequency and become active participants in this transformative movement.

Attempting to build a new society using the same mentality as the current one is futile. To bring about true change, individuals must evolve and embody the principles of the envisioned Collabolization.

Conscious Spending and Contributing to Humanity

Conscious decision-making when it comes to spending money is imperative. Instead of mindlessly purchasing material possessions or indulging in fleeting pleasures, we must consider whether our purchases contribute to humanity and the new Collabolization. I suggests that we redirect financial resources towards personal development, physical health, knowledge acquisition, and wisdom cultivation. By consciously choosing how to act and spend, we can align ourselves with, and become active participants in the progress towards a greater world of care, love, happiness, peace, and joy. Imagine the world we could create if we paid the same to life coaches that we currently pay to football coaches; the former would transform everyone, the latter just 25 people and a round ball.

The Ripple Effect

Every action, thought, and word has the potential to contribute to humanity and the new Collabolization. By consciously choosing actions that align with these principles, individuals can create a ripple effect, gradually shaping a greater world. I invite you in the socials to share your conscious thoughts, decisions, and actions that embody humanity and contribute to this higher vision. By showing support we can encourage the Collabualism movement and help others look inside at their inner power.

Changing our thinking can be immediate, however experience shows that we need to emphasizes the importance of long-term growth and improvement so that our habit patterns can transform into alignment with Collabualism principles. Changing beliefs, stepping outside societal conformity, and investing in self-improvement contribute to building Humanity over time. The goal of focussing on self-worth is far from selfish, as the ultimate aim is the improvement of humanity as a whole.

Contributing to the Collabualism Movement

To actively participate in Collabualism initially takes the simple step of using your words. Sharing your conscious thoughts, choices, and actions. By engaging in conversations and connecting with like-minded individuals, we can collectively progress towards the vision of a greater world. Add your words to the Collabualism dialog in comments, in the various Social Media channels, in your own writing. The power of the word is significant, let us all invest it wisely.

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